The Film


The life of a struggling young woman takes a surprise turn when a troubled teenager finds her private video journal. Woah.

Feature film. About mental health and reaching out through the screen. Totally indie. Lead roles all filled by #TalentedLadies.
Running Time: Approximately 80 min


As advocates of continued de-stigmatization of mental health, we wanted to tell a story that illustrates how so many Americans are struggling to cope with things like anxiety and depression – but also make it clear that none of them are alone or without hope.
As believers not only in greater diversity and representation on screen – but also the importance and benefits of empathy and cooperation -- we also wanted to make a female-driven film that spans multiple racial and class backgrounds


As truly indie filmmakers, we’ve gone (and continue to go) directly to our audience. Production of The Videoblogs was entirely crowdfunded on Seed&Spark. Come back soon to find out how you can see the film. HINT: We're going to continue going directly to our audience. We love our audience. They (you) are pretty awesome.
Poster  by the talented Rawan Rihani.
In conjunction with the release of the film, we’re also sponsoring The Videoblogs Dialogue, a user-generated video contest. Select submissions will be included in a bonus version of The Videoblogs. Entrants age 18-24 are also eligible to win a $1,000 short film production grant for producing their own film about mental health, for which the producers of The Videoblogs will also serve as mentors.