Brittany: I want to make a film about Social Anxiety Disorder because it is often something that's overlooked, and misdiagnosed. People that suffer from SAD usually don't seek treatment because of their disorder. If I get the chance to make this film I would hope that people suffering from SAD could benefit by not waiting as long as I did to get help. I want my film to bring hope and positivity to those suffering.


Stay tuned for more from Brittany and #TeamVideoblogs!

Check out more videos below from our talented contestants!

Hector Blanco (aka Maximo Andrews): Adam

Hector:  I think mental health doesn't get as much attention as it should. I personally think it has a bad stigma on it, and other people do not understand it as well. I even have my personal battles with depression, but I get by each day. Back then it was hard for me, and I had to get help. I want others to get help too, and be more aware of their own mental health.
Team Videoblogs: Adam is such a great character! We love how you played the awkwardness of making a videoblog (oh, we get that). Awesome work!

Tempest Montgomery & Natalie Mullins: A Word To The Hurting

Tempest & Natalie: We are aspiring filmmakers who have both suffered with mental illness, we want to do as much as we can to spread the word about mental illness. What better way is there than combining our mission with our craft?
#Team Videoblogs: For us, there is no better way either :) Film is a great medium for raising awareness and we commend anybody who uses their talents for the cause. Thank you for your service to the world!

Sarah Campbell (Actress) & Sonalee Joshi (Director): No Worries

Sonalee: With this video, we wanted to highlight the anxiety that lies just under the surface of the highly competitive college environment. We hope that other intelligent, and driven students and young adults facing anxiety will be able to connect with this video and feel less alone as a result.
Team Videoblogs: It's been a while since we were in college but that feeling definitely still lingers. I think a lot of people can relate to this video. Mission accomplished!

Collin Robinson: Ben

Collin: We want to focus on the lack of understanding people who have of mental illness. Rather than simply tell people about how hard it can be, we want to get people in the minds of someone who is depressed, and not simply feel pity for that person.
Team Videoblogs: We want to do the same thing :) It's important to reach out to the unaffected, as they can be a source of support for the affected. Thanks for sharing your story!

 Katy Burke & Kristen Wilson

Kristen: This film was a collaborative project between Katy Burke and I (Kristen Wilson). It seems that we both have a similar fascination for mental illness. This fascination has become because of my own struggle with depression and mental illness in the past; in a way, that curiosity was inevitable. Creating work about mental health and illness is a form of self expression; it allows me to express the turmoil and pain that I experienced.
Team Videoblogs:  We agree! This film is very much in line with our short, Multiverse, as it also explores isolation. Great work, you two (kudos also to the actor)!

Kymara Staggers (Writer) & Theresa Foster (Actress): Why Him

Kymara:   I wrote a piece concerning postpartum. I feel like a lot of women face this issue and there needs to be a greater dialogue pertaining to it. 
Team Videoblogs: This is an issue so many women experience but sadly are ashamed to talk about. The more we talk about it though, the more woman can free themselves that shame. Thank you for making your voices heard!

Dana Fletcher: Anatomy of a Breakdown

Dana:  I was diagnosed with Bipolar II Depression, Panic Disorder & Generalised Anxiety Disorder. It took me being rushed to the emergency room, experiencing a lack of compassion, and reaching rock bottom to realise how much the world needed people to speak out against the demonisation & stigmatisation of Mental Health disorders... I believe visuals transcend languages and through a mini film, I'll be able to reach a much wider audience.
Team Videoblogs: Excellent work, Dana! We loved the sound, too. It really added to the intensity of the videoblog. 

Davia Staggers: Pretty To Be Dark

Davia: Does universal beauty actually exist? Growing up African American, you can only be three things: pretty, ugly, or pretty to be dark. Is pretty to be dark even a compliment?...
I'm tired of being silent. Being dark-skinned is not a bandage of shame. Being dark skinned is a glorious masterpiece that was created by God. Beauty is beauty, dark or not.
Team Videoblogs: Davia, thank you for your insight. It really is a shame that people can't see: Beauty is beauty is beauty. And we think you and all our contestants are b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l!

Pekka Luodeslampi: Success Is The Best Revenge

Pekka: I am Pekka "UncleSamPatriot" Luodeslampi 30 years old male from Finland, disabled with central nervous system developmental disorder and Tourette.  I was bullied for grades 1-9 but I learned to turn that into source of power. I do make Youtube videos with over 17 million views on them and over 17.5 thousand subscribers. I am also on Finnish Wikipedia. The bullying gave mental toughness to understand that people can be evil and hurt each others so I can do Youtube videos, doing the thing which I love, not letting hurtful words in comments section bring me down.
Team Videoblogs: Pekka, you are an inspiration to us all!

Samuel Iacono: Mountains

Samuel: I have bipolar type II disorder and want to make a film showcasing what it is like to live with the disorder. This film, "Mountains", is a loose autobiography based on my life.
Team Videoblogs: Thank you so much, Samuel, for accurately depicting the struggles and sometimes painful consequences of having this disorder. The media certainly doesn't always do it justice and we are so proud to be able to share your honest work!

Maiken P. Rais: The Secret Behind My Smile

Maiken: This movie is inspired by my best friend. We went to high school together and after that we lived together for 2 years where she was studying and the Danish version of college. But everything got to her so she developed stress and anxiety and had to drop out of college and move back to her parents...
Team Videoblogs: Maiken, we loved everything about this video: from the depth of the message to the pacing of your performance to even the way the camera is tilted ever so slightly. Also, we really related to that moment of disillusionment when you discover that life is not as you thought it was. Powerful stuff!

Craig Inzana

Craig: I talk a little about what it's like dealing with a mental illness as a filmmaker and my method for (mostly) overcoming it. 
Team Videoblogs: This one definitely hit close to home for us, Craig! Thank you so much for sharing your experience and for your helpful suggestions on how to manage the day to day of being a creative with a mental illness.

Samantha Heldman: Family Portrait Day

Samantha: This is an vlog adaptation of my little sisters story and struggle with anorexia and how it affected her and her loved ones. My dream and goal has been to make a video to properly share her powerful story and these 3 minutes hardly do her story justice. Hopefully through this contest I'll be able to make my dream a reality, for Andie and everyone else who struggles with an eating disorder.
Team Videoblogs: Girl, the struggle with perfectionism is REAL. Thank you so much for realistically depicting something too many of us struggle with. What a way to honor your sister! Truly touching work, Samantha.

Yasmin Ghasiri & Nathan Leung

Yasmin: Mental health has always been something that has interested me... So, I don't know if it was fate or coincidence that someone in my immediate family was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder (bi-polar and schizophrenia)... I spent the last two years being the main caretaker... I've learned a lot more about the stigmas around mental health, the lack of professionalism within the mental health profession, the lack of knowledge about treatments... and how hard it is for someone without a job to get mediocre (let alone decent) psychiatric care. 
Team Videoblogs:  It sounds like you've been through an awful lot to get to where you are today and we commend you on your mission to shine a light on the inadequacies of the mental health care system. 

Melanie Rieders: A Day in My Shoes- Anastassia's Story

Melanie: I'm passionate about this project as I've struggled with mental illness myself- ADD, anxiety and depression. I experienced (and continue to experience) firsthand the stigma surrounding the conditions and I want to be part of the important conversations we need to have.
Team Videoblogs: Beautiful work with this video! We really appreciated Anastassia's message of self-care FIRST and learning how to thrive despite the limitations of her disorder.

Brooke Carter & Rebecca Lang- "Domesticus"

Brooke: Through sharing my artistic viewpoint and experiences on destruction, depression, anxiety, and PTSD, I hope to eradicate the misconceptions...
Rebecca: ...Women's violence in particular is an issue that bothers and angers me greatly, and I hope that by talking about it, it will be able to help women as well as others who have faced it in their process of recovery.
Team Videoblogs: Rock on, you strong talented women :-)

Brittany Rogers- "EDS: In Your Head?"

Brttany: I have struggled with a chronic pain condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) as well as with anxiety and depression my whole life, though I wasn't properly diagnosed until I was 21... EDS and it's comorbidities are poorly understood and it is very isolating.... I have chosen to take a forward role in the chronic illness community, running a support group, and I see that every other person who has a chronic illness struggles with anxiety and depression on some level... I made this video to speak up for every person who struggles every day to get up and fight this never ending battle. 
Team Videoblogs: Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Your perseverance and service to your community are extremely admirable. An incredible reminder to all that everyone's experiences and feelings are entirely VALID.

Miara Warren, a.k.a Mimi

Mimi:   I am an overcomer looking to help broaden the discussion on mental health by sharing my personal struggle and how I set myself free. :) with the world .
Team Videoblogs:  Wow, Mimi. We are blown away by your resilience and insight. It's so hard to break the cycle of abuse, and we have so much respect for you when you say that you won't allow what you have been through to become who you are...
Thank you for your honesty and your bravery:*)

Andrea Bensussen 

Andrea: This piece is about the struggling survivors who are constantly fighting to save their lives.
Team Videoblogs: Thank you so much for sharing, Andrea! We've done our share of fighting in a similar context, so we genuinely appreciate the message. Nice job of referencing other senses in your performance as well. Definitely builds out the scene :-)

Cimone Watson- "Untitled Poem"

Cimone: My video says a lot about me. :) I want to tell you more, but I'd rather wait until you've seen the video. It's basically the main thing I have to say today. 
Team Videoblogs: Cimone! What a stellar poem. We were seriously moved by your words and imagery. There are so many good parts but our favorite: 
" secrecy the monster thrives, not in you now but in other lives. He only wins when you don't say a word so what you must do is make your voice heard."
ABSOLUTELY. Thank you for making your voice heard and for sharing your story with us.